Josh Hubbard (1 of 1)

Josh Hubbard is the Operations Manager for Morrison Industries North in Novi, Michigan. He joined the team in the fall of 2017 after spending time in the lumber industry where he gained experience in the operations role as he managed projects, logistics and storage, manufacturing, and daily operations. Josh is glad to be part of the Morrison team and he is excited to see the what the future offers the company in Novi, Michigan.

Josh was born and raised in the Nashville area. He met his beautiful wife, Emma while in college. He enjoys spending his time having fun, being active, and working in his woodshop. Emma and Josh recently got married in May of 2017 and couldn’t be more excited about moving closer to Emma’s family and joining the Morrison team in Novi, Michigan.

Morrison Industries has built its company around many core values that reflect a family-oriented culture. Not only does that drive hard work and dedication to the products we produce, but also enhances the abilities and capabilities of its employees. Josh was initially brought on as Morrison’s first intern in 2011. After working as an operations manager in a related field he decided to take the opportunity to rejoin the team and its efforts in Michigan.  With the values and workmanship of Morrison Industries, he hopes to help make an impact on its future.