Melody Dalton (1 of 1)

Melody D. Dalton is the Purchasing Clerk for Morrison Industries.  She started in June of 2013.  The responsibility of the position includes ordering shop supplies for the team and searching for cost savings for the company.

Melody is from Lynchburg, TN,  where she is last of nine children.  She graduated from Moore County High School in 1985.  She has one beautiful daughter, Elante and two handsome grandsons, Eavan and Eathan.  She has been in the field of Purchasing for 16 years and previously worked for Hagemeyer as an on-site Customer Service Representative at Spring Hill Manufacturing/General Motors Corporation.  Melody’s hobbies include the spending time with family and friends, cooking, the arts, motorcross, professional team sports, shopping and collecting music boxes.

Melody works with a team at Morrison Industries that are top notch and high performers.  She loves her job and enjoys working with a wonderful group of people.  They take great care in producing excellent products for our customers.