Tara Myers (1 of 1)

Tara Myers has been with Morrison Industries since 2004. She has held several positions within the company and currently works in the Purchasing Department. Tara has been in manufacturing for over 20 years. She enjoys the fast paced environment at Morrison Industries and the rewards of achieving difficult goals. Tara is driven by the idea that one should never settle and constantly move the bar higher for yourself to achieve something great.

Tara enjoys her role as a customer side representative and feels that it is important to go above and beyond the needs of our customers to create true value. She enjoys getting to know customers and colleagues, developing great working relationships. If you know Tara, you know this to be easy for her to do.

Tara has been married to Micheal for 20 years. They have 2 children: Brittany, 16, and Gavin, 12. Brittany is an active golfer and basketball player, and Gavin plays basketball and baseball. Tara loves to travel, shop, and spend time with her family watching her children grow and excel in their endeavors.