Thursday, we took a moment out of our busy day to spend time with our coworkers and reflect on the wonderful year we have had. We enjoyed an awesome thanksgiving lunch with lots of pie. At Morrison Industries, we are extremely thankful for all the great opportunities we have been […]

“Work hard, play harder” was our theme as we transitioned to our new name Morrison Industries. On October 5th, 2015 we made the name change official and had some fun while we were at it. We all enjoyed a cookout, new MI gear, speeches, and some awesome prizes. It was […]


A New Era

  Team,   As you all know, we’re changing our name from Morrison Tool & Fab, Inc. to Morrison Industries. Almost every time a customer, supplier, or prospective employee comes to visit for the first time, they say “Wow, this is not what I expected!”  They were always surprised at […]

October 5th, 2015 We’re getting a new look and officially adopting the name “Morrison Industries.”  What started as a tool and die shop now ships out over 1,000 custom shipping racks a week to clients like Honda, John Deere, Nissan, Tesla, Mercedes Benz, and Toyota, using about 20 million pounds of […]