Collapsible Racks

Cost Saving Collapsible Racks

Collapsible racks are ideal for you when saving space in your facility and when saving costs on shipping loads. You can do this by easily folding the steel racks down and having your forklift driver stack them where necessary.

We build. Collapsible racks are for automotive, agriculture, marine, logistics, construction, mining, telecommunication, specialty equipment. No matter the industry, we can manufacture foldable racks to meet your needs.

Benefits you gain using Collapsible Shipping Racks

Cost Saving


Saving on facility space by collapsing / Folding and stacking our racks



With over 25 years of experience in the Shipping rack industry, we will deliver top-notch, reliable solutions for your custom rack needs.

Do you need to save on shipping costs and storage space in your facility? If so, you can learn more about our different Foldable Rack options here Shipping Racks – Morrison Industries

Gallery of our Folding Racks

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