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The process of building structural components from their base form falls under the term of metal fabrication. We, at Morrison Industries, offer you custom metal parts for high volume production to low volume production. Metal fabrication is crucial for the optimization of a product’s design. We employ the latest technological methods and utilize our high-end machinery to precisely measure raw materials and cut metal parts. And then, we process the metal parts for fabrication. Steps involved in our custom metal fabrication but not limited to below!

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We process our metal parts through some of these fabrication processes and then assemble them into functional components. Our experts cater to your needs and modify or restructure the metal parts and customize them from the design to the final product. The custom metal parts are finished off with powder coating, wet painting, and many plating options. The most commonly used metal parts for fabrication are sheet metals, pipe and tube, structural metals, and bar stock. Using metal fabrication, we help you get a wide array of products. Including:

Sheet metal fabrications
Turned parts
CNC machining
Metal stamping
Folded chassis
Metal brackets
Powder coating
Machine enclosures

Custom Fabrication

Custom Metal Fabrication Benefits

With custom metal fabrication, you can cope with specific manufacturing challenges of your industry. From high volume production to low volume production, we have fabricated custom metal parts for your industry.

Provides Cosmetically Pleasing Products: Morrison’s metal fabrication and Powder Coated products are durable and perfectly finished off. Since they have less environmental impact, the products with smoother finishes have a lot of demand in industries. So, you can count on them for their durability and premium cosmetic appearance.

Fast Process: We offer you the value of time by providing efficient service results. The end products are matchless for their longevity. In addition, they are customized to meet your specific requirements. 

Durable and Highest Quality End Products: Morrison’s Metal fabrication assures you that you get easy-to-maintain end products that are of the highest quality. 

Compatibility: Many manufacturing industries need specialized designs for manufacturing products. Therefore, our custom metal parts are better fitted to a machine optimally. This way, they maximize the efficiency of a particular process.

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