Jobs Available at Morrison Industries!

Relief for Warren County’s high unemployment rate is in sight. Morrison Industries has announced it is now hiring and looking to add around 50 employees to its workforce.

“We saw the story in the paper and we want people to know that we are hiring,” said Morrison Industries marketing manager Brittany Youngblood. “We’re looking to hire workers who are family and community-minded. That’s our focus. We want to bring in people who are going to be with us for the long term.”

Morrison Industries had a bit of a slowdown when the major auto manufacturers shut down operations, but that slowdown is in the past.

“We’re not moving slowly at all,” said Youngblood. “It’s really full steam ahead.”

Added Keri Martin, the vice president of human resources at Morrison Industries, “We have great opportunities here and are looking to add people to our family atmosphere.”

Like so many great American businesses, Morrison Industries got its start in a basement. In this case it was the basement of the Julian family, which started a small tool and die shop in 1979.

The Wilson family purchased the company in 1994 and it has grown into a $25 million annual operation with locations in Morrison and in Novi, Michigan.

Morrison Industries specializes in manufacturing shipping containers for the automotive and agriculture industries.

To apply for a job, visit