Metal Laser Cutting Services


At Morrison Industries, our Metal Laser cutting service is a highly precise and accurate way to cut metals with a smooth finish. This process is the heart of metal fabrication projects.

Our metal laser cutting services are governed through precision programs. As a result, the laser cutting process involves little to no human intervention. Instead, we work with CNC systems and 2D and 3D CAD files to provide machining details. 

Our team includes proficient technicians who use the machines for casting laser beams on the material that needs to be modified through the laser cutting process.

 The CNC control directs the laser beam on the precise workpiece for the cutting or melting process. The process involves the assist gas for providing the best results and excellent coating surfaces. The most commonly used assist gas is CO2 and nitrogen gas. The process of laser cutting involving assist gas is considered the most potent laser cutting process and has gained popularity globally. 

Typical Applications of Metal Laser Cutting

We use this technology because it provides greater accuracy for carrying out different methods. Our metal laser cutting services are used for:

● Cutting

● Melting 

● Slicing 

● Vaporizing

● Laser etching 

● Laser welding 

● Laser engraving 

This technology is also employed in industries that provide machining and micromachining services. It is used in: 

● Electronics industries

● Automotive manufacturing industries 


● Military and defense 

● Industries that produce communication devices  

● Plumbing 

● Medical industry 

Bent Metal Bracket Parts

Why Morrison Industries for your Laser Cutting Services?

Our metal laser cutting services seek attention from many industries, and they are relying on us for our services.

Excellent Cut Quality: We utilize high-end machinery, laser cutters, and plasma cutters to produce parts with no roll-offs. We assure you that their cut edges have minimal burring and have zero edge deformation. 

Meet the Requirements of Industries: We employ the best machinery, such as CNC machinery, that provides you the products according to your needs. Also, our dedicated team understands your needs and aims to satisfy the customers by catering to their needs. 

Versatility: Our services are versatile and varied. We cover everything related to laser cutting. We cut sheet metal (HRS), aluminum sheets, galvanized sheets, and others. Our designers are dedicated to designing metal and steel parts. Further, our machines add value to their work and minimize the risk of errors.

Benefits of Laser Cutting : The metal laser cutting process has countless benefits, and therefore, it is given preference over the old fabrication techniques. You will reap the following benefits: 

● It limits the contamination of workpieces and assures safety 

● It is an ideal and accurate way of cutting those materials that are otherwise not possible to cut by other methods. 

● Metal laser cutting makes cutting a breeze 

● Materials are less likely to warp, and the precision ratio is improved

● Reduces waste production, human efforts, and energy costs




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