Our sheet metal fabrication involves many manufacturing processes that turn the sheets into functional parts. If you’re looking for a reliable sheet metal fabrication process, we have many solutions. We provide metal fabrication for both high production and low production metal parts.

At Morrison Industries, our sheet metal fabrication process involves cutting, pouching, welding, bending, finishing, and glazing to create a high-quality product. From steel to aluminum, we can process all types of metals. 


Sheet Metal Fabrication Processes

Cutting: Cutting is one of the standard processes we use that involve manual and machinings like plasma and laser robotics. Also, the laser torches contacted with automated systems give more accurate results than manual cutting. We prefer both according to the sheet metal requirements. Moreover, we use die-cutting, which prevents chip formation during the cutting or shearing. 

Pouching: Pouching is another process that is helpful to create holes or pouches in sheet metal. It is suitable for structuring the predetermined shapes. We have the machinery and workforce to develop those shapes

Welding: Welding is one of the traditional techniques for sheet metal fabrication. Commonly tungsten arc welding process is used that is a two-handed technique. It has non-consumable tungsten electrodes that help to produce a clear and attractive weld.

Bending: involves our press brakes. Our operators know the bending force, time, and other requirements to create accurate bending in steel metals to form new shapes.

Finishing: Finishing is not the last process that we provide. However, the finishing techniques are usually done at the end of projects. It involves altering the property surfaces that help improve the appearance, adhesion, corrosion, wear and tear resistance, hardness, and many more. One of the essential finishing processes is the removal of blemishes. However, all these processes are done by the experts using drills, pressers, plasma, lasers to enhance the quality of end products. Our expert team has years of experience in steel metal fabrication and focuses on every small step for authentic results. 


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