Industrial Dollies

Our Industrial Dollies are custom-designed for versatility and durability to meet your specific needs and specs. Our products are manufactured using high-quality steel and then welded to make them stronger. The top-notch quality of our products makes us stand out from the crowd.

Types of Industrial Dollies

Tow Handle Dolly

Dollies with tow handles or eye hooks are also available in the market. You can hook tow handles on the back of any load to pull them easily during the transportation of materials.

Platform Dolly

Uses of a platform dolly include carrying your material from underneath because it has a solid surface. You can use this Industrial dolly whenever you want to transport small boxes, bags, heavy-duty parts or any type of Large and heavy item.

Open Frame Dolly

You can use open frame dollies for the loads that can carry themselves, such as large or bulky items. These dollies are manufactured using four boards that are polished off not to leave any mark on the load. Open frame dollies have less weight as compared to platform dollies. These dollies are convenient and portable.


Lots of dollies are available in the market. However, our steel manufactured dollies are guaranteed to improve your workflow with our quality built dollies. Contact a sales rep today!  CONTACT US

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