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In a factory or warehouse, it is a hassle transporting parts from one place to another. Our INDUSTRIAL METAL CONTAINERS, otherwise known as HEAVY DUTY METAL BINS, are ideal for hauling heavy loads. At Morrison Industries, we design industrial metal containers that provide a one-spot solution to keep your parts stored and transported safely. Our industrial metal containers can handle maximum volume and weight. They are welded with a strong seam making them ideal for any industry. Including

  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Marine
  • Logistics
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Telecommunication
  • Other Special Industries

They are optimized for storage density, perfect for shelving capabilities, and enhanced warehouse organization are among the top benefits you obtain from them.  Another bonus? Our HEAVY DUTY METAL BINS don’t require any maintenance concerns and are returnable.

Benefits you get from our Heavy Duty Metal Bins

Easy storage: Collapsible containers appeal to many of us. Since they are easy to store and don’t take much space, you can fold them when not in use. Further, transporting them when emptied is a breeze!

The durability that will win: Nothing beats our HEAVY DUTY METAL BINS for durability. The steel material ensures the durability and strength of the of the bulk bin. Moreover, you can rely on them for heavyweight stock storage

Maximize the storage density: Incorporating stackable industrial metal containers in factories or warehouses is a smart choice. They are excellent space savers, and you can rearrange them to get a tall storage space that houses many items and make them accessible.

Environmental-friendly and reusable: Environmental concerns and benefits of the green initiative are gaining traction among many industries. And we are no exception! We design our INDUSTRIAL METAL CONTAINERS to make sure that they can be reusable in your environment. This way, we are contributing to offer sustainable products that are planet-friendly.

Variety of sizes and colors: Our metal containers are available in a variety of different sizes, so no matter what your storage needs are, you can find an industrial steel container to meet your requirements. The size and color options give you the freedom to choose the bulk bin that best fits your style and keeps your products organized.

Unmatched mechanical properties: Morrison offers you rigid containers that are easy to operate. They stand out from rest to tolerate vibrations, collisions, and other mechanical forces. Therefore, products stored in them remain safe, so you don’t have to worry about transporting products in them.

Custom designed and built: Unlike the traditional industrial metal containers that do not cater to the space requirements of most industries, our custom-designed containers come in handy to fit in any location. We adjust the space, size, colors, compartments, and other features to customize our Industrial containers.

If you would like to learn about our packaging solutions, you can visit our RETURNABLE PACKAGING PAGE.  To learn more about our shipping rack solutions, please visit the SHIPPING RACKS PAGE

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