Durable Strong Steel Pallets

When it comes to steel pallets, nothing can beat the strength and durability of the steel. In a warehouse, transferring loads is a big concern. But with steel pallets, you can quickly move goods from one place to another.
Morrison Industries offer you easy to handle and robust steel pallets. Our pallets are very effective in handling large loads. They ensure that you safely carry heavy loads. Further, they provide forklift access allowing you to load pallets on the storage racks with forklift trucks.

What are Steel Pallets used for?

Industries need strong yet durable pallets for heavy-duty uses. Our pallets are used as work-in-progress pallets in various industries for their long-term dry storage, high stacking loads, and durability. They are most commonly used in the automotive and metal processing sectors. other sectors include: 

●    Chemical industries: Pallets can tolerate extreme environmental conditions. They allow you to move chemicals. 

●    Construction: In construction industries, steel pallets make object handling and transfer of heavy loads a breeze. By storing heavy materials on them. 

●    Export Industries: They do not carry pests, enabling you to export items without damaging them.

Steel grey Pallet

Benefits of Metal Pallets

Our steel pallets available at Morrison Industries benefit you in a variety of ways. They are perfect for carrying heavy dynamic and static loads. You will admire them due to the additional strength and protection that they offer. In addition, you can reap the following benefits of our pallets.

More robust type of Pallets: Steel pallets are strong enough to carry heavy materials. Like sheet metal, They cater to material handling needs. They have heavy load capacity, and you can handle them easily. 

Durable Construction:  They are robust and durable. And have more life than wood or plastic pallets. The steel material adds stiffness to them and enables them to withstand harsh weather conditions. In addition, they are bug-free and do not rot and corrode quickly. 

Easy to Maintenance: The serrated design of the pallets enables the pallets to carry large loads. Also, it ensures that no dust and water stay in pallets and cause erosion and other damages. 

They are easy to clean and considered a hygienic choice. You can clean the pallets without any hassle. Pressure washing and scrubbing are the best ways to clean them. 

Recyclable: You can recycle them again and again. Even if they are severely damaged, you can reuse them by recycling them. They are a great initiative to keep your environment clean and preserve resources. 

Stackable: They are great space-saving options and allow you to stack them. In addition, they perfectly meet the storage requirements of warehouses/factories while enabling you to transfer heavy loads anywhere in and outside of your facility.


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