Kanban Flow Racks

Durable Flow Racks

Kanban flow racks, commonly known as gravity flow racks, are storage racks with slightly sloped shelves with roller pipes and act as non-electric conveyor belts. We offer high quality, super convenient and compact Kanban flow racks. The loading side is upwards while the unloading is downwards. These racks increase the productivity of your business and save time and cost spent in transferring boxes, cartons etc.

How do our Kanban Flow Racks Work?

Kanban or gravity flow racks have aluminum pipes covered with plastic and rollers. Due to inclined shelves, whenever a product or carton is removed from shelves, the front end automatically gets filled, thus acting like a conveyor belt, just without power.

The gravity flow racks use the gravitational force and movement of rolling pipes to have a continuous supply at the unloading end, thus reducing the cost of transfers and labor. They can hold anything from corrugated bottles to big cardboard boxes and huge automotive parts to tiny button boxes. The first in, first out flow system of these gravity flow racks benefits the manufacturers by sending out items produced before.


Benefits our Gravity Racks

Faster Operation: With continuous filling and movement of products or cartons from the inlet to the out end of the racks, your workers can speedily pick packages without wasting time by carrying the load from the farther end.

Less labor or forklifts requirement:  The conveyor-belt-like mechanism reduces the need to lift manually or by using forklifts. So, the requirement of labor and machinery in the warehouse reduces, thus reducing the cost of labor.

Better loading and unloading channel: With a specified end for loading and unloading a lane, there are no blockages or collisions between the workers, making the whole space less suffocated and free to move.

Space-efficient and high-density storage: These racks provide intensely dense storage so that you can store more items or cartons in less space. So, you would need fewer racks for your warehouse, plus these racks are super compact and space effective.

Increased accessibility: With mentioned specifications locating the lane containing a particular item is easier for your workers. Also, whether you require a single item or a whole carton, it can be accessed easily. Furthermore, the adjustable racks can be adjusted according to the dimensions of your product, thus making the process safer and damage-free.

Improved warehouse organization: Our Kanban flow racks have adjustable pipes or organization, making them suitable for both smaller items and huge cardboard boxes. Also, with products loaded in specific lanes and in order of their expiry, the inventory is organized, and less wastage and product damage is caused.


Get your hands on these incredible Kanban racks from Morrison Industries now and instantly upgrade the workflow of your industry or warehouse. You can have faster service, better product organization, and save a lot on labor and lifting machinery. So, stop waiting, book your order from us, and avail yourself of the best deals and packages on Kanban flow rack installations.

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