Morrison Industries specializes in the engineering and fabrication of returnable packaging solutions. While company roots are tied to the automotive industry, Morrison continues to diversify engineering and fabrication capabilities to meet custom packaging needs across many different industries. Producing over 300 racks per day between two manufacturing locations, we are your ideal partner for fleet size production.

Custom Racks

Pallet Racks

Metal Tote Bins.

Fleet Modification

Repair & Maintenance

Lease Purchase Programs.

Custom Racks, Pallets and Tote Bins

Collapsible engine racks
Returnable Shipping Racks

If you can think it, we can create it, then build a lot of it. Large scale production of custom racks, pallets and tote bins is Morrison Industries strength. From metal pallets to robotically loaded and unloaded racks, we cover it all. Morrison got its start over 25 years ago by producing standard shipping racks and bins for automotive manufacturers in the southeastern United States. Fast forward to today, Morrison is a preferred supplier of highly customized and precisely measured returnable packaging solutions across North America. Our racks and containers protect a variety of parts including:

Engines, Transmissions, Glass, Interior and Exterior Trim, Metal stampings and Cables Visit our Products Page. page to see these and more.

Fleet Modification

Returnable Rack With Dunnage

We consider fleet modification a win-win-win. What does this mean?

  • It’s a win for the customer. Modifying and repurposing a fleet of racks results in significant financial and lead time savings.
  • It’s a win for the environment. Returnable steel packaging is a more sustainable option than paper and plastic materials.
  • It’s a win for us. We enjoy seeing racks come back through our facilities to receive a new life!


Repair & Maintenance

Returnable Packaging
Repaired Returnable Racks

It’s not easy shipping parts safely around the world. To make it happen, returnable shipping racks experience a considerable amount of wear and tear with each trip. Fortunately for our customers, Morrison Industries specializes in rack repair and maintenance for those units that need a face lift. With manufacturing facilities conveniently located in the northern and southeastern regions of the United States, we can develop a custom program tailored to your needs. Our programs include:

    • Integrating our Morrison, TN or Novi, MI locations into your supply chain loop.
    • Designing a full-time onsite or mobile service program.


Lease Purchase Program

Returnable Racks and Packaging

Returnable shipping rack fleets are generally procured as a capital good. However, at Morrison Industries we understand that spending capital dollars may not always be the best option. For this reason, we offer a unique lease purchase program to help companies get what they need while conserving cash. Interested in learning more about the lease purchase program? CONTACT US.