Machine Guards

Build to Print Machine Guards

Our build-to-print Machine guards are the primary line of defense and are designed to protect workers from potentially dangerous injuries caused by moving machinery. Morrison Industries offers custom machine guards to manifest safety in your workplace. We can serve motor guards in many industries including, mining, manufacturing, and other specialized industries.

Machine Guard Benefits

Our machine guards are built to keep your worker and machines at a safe distance and Prevent Workplace-related Injuries. Also, they offer protection from many hazardous mechanical motions or actions, examples:

● Points of operation include ingoing nip points or parts where the machine bends and cuts.

● Rotating parts, transverse motions, and reciprocating motions.

● Shear points of flywheels, couplings, pulleys, and other machine parts transmit power that can catch clothing or any part of the body.

They prevent many non-mechanical hazards like: 

● Flying debris

● Sparks

● Splashes

Machine Guard Drawing

OSHA and MSHA Compliant Machine Guards

We pride ourselves on providing machine guards that are OSHA and MSHA compliant. Benefit from our OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) compliant motor guards: 

● They are strong, reliable, and tamper-proof. 

● Our motor guards do not allow any worker to remove and bypass them.

● When the machine is operating, these guards act as a physical barrier between machine and operator and ensure that operators don’t remain in contact with the machine. 

● OSHA and MSHA compliant machine guards do not have any jagged edge or shear surface. Instead, all surfaces are bolted to avoid laceration or any injury caused by sharp edges.

● They do not hinder the machine view, and they allow the operators to lubricate the machine without entering the hazardous zone of the machine. 

● Allows the operators to work efficiently and safely without interfering with their performance. 

Customized to fit your need:  we provide you with motor guards that can be customized to any size and shape. We understand your industrial needs and design our guards for your machinery that best fit your machines. You can also ask us to add doors to them for easy access to machinery when required. 

Withstand Harsh Industrial Conditions: We realize that safety gears should be designed to resist any environmental damages. We, therefore, provide motor guards that are impact-resistant. They are substantial enough to tolerate any impact. Also, their structural integrity makes them suitable for prolonged use. 


Overall our guards allow you to create a safe working environment where workers can work with peace of mind and are confident enough to show greater productivity while working with the safest practices.

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