Industrial Powder Coating Services

Metal and Aluminum Powder Coating Services

As your trusted partner for high-quality industrial powder coating services, we bring to the table advanced powder coating technology and a team of experienced professionals. Consequently, we deliver exceptional powder coating solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your projects.

We recognize that industrial needs differ, leading to varying demands for coatings. With our array of powder coating choices, we ensure that we can address the project requirements you may have. Whether you need protection against corrosion UV rays shielding or a particular color finish our coatings are flexible enough to meet your preferences. Our clientele spans across industries such, as automotive, architecture and construction, electronics, furniture, industrial machinery and more.

Industrial Powder Coating
Powder Coating

Why Choose Our Industrial Powder Coating Services?

Precision and Skill: At Morrison we value the importance of precision; our team of technicians uses equipment and follows thorough procedures to guarantee that each coating is applied precisely resulting in a resilient and consistent finish.

Variety in Coating Choices: We provide a broad selection of industrial powder coating services to meet needs. Whether you need protection against corrosion, UV rays, or a specific color scheme, our coating options are tailored to match your requirements and surpass your expectations.

Cost-Efficient Solutions: Our industrial powder coating services not only uphold high-quality standards but are also budget-friendly. We prioritize delivering value for your investment, and our streamlined processes ensure outcomes without straining your finances.

Proficiency in Aluminum and Metal Coating: With experience in powder coating aluminum and metal surfaces, we bring a wealth of knowledge in handling each material’s specifications. Our technicians are well-versed in meeting the demands of these materials to achieve results for your projects.

Tailored Options: We understand that each project has its requirements. This is why we provide powder coating solutions to suit your needs. Whether you require protection against corrosion, safeguarding from UV rays, or a particular color scheme, we have the solution for you.

Our Powder Coating Process

1.Comprehensive Surface Preparation: Before our industrial powder coating service begins, our skilled technicians conduct a thorough surface preparation. This involves cleaning the aluminum and metal surfaces to remove any contaminants, such as oils, rust, or dirt. Additionally, we may employ techniques like sandblasting or chemical etching to ensure optimal adhesion of the powder coating.

2. Application of Primer (Optional): Depending on the specific requirements of your project, we may apply a primer to enhance adhesion and corrosion resistance. The primer acts as an additional layer, providing a solid foundation for the powder coating to adhere to, particularly for metal surfaces exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

3.Electrostatic Powder Application: Furthermore, our electrostatic powder application ensures an even and controlled coating. The powder is charged with an electrostatic charge as it is sprayed onto the surfaces of the aluminum and metal items. Consequently, this electrostatic charge ensures that the powder adheres uniformly to the surfaces, creating a smooth and consistent finish.

4. Specialized Powder Curing Process: After applying the powder, we move the items carefully into our curing ovens. During curing the coated items are subjected to temperatures that allow the powder to melt flow smoothly and cure effectively.

This leads to a durable finish that offers protection against rust, chemicals, and sunlight exposure.

5. Cooling and Quality Check: Following the completion of the curing process, the coated objects are allowed to cool, after which our quality assurance team conducts an inspection to ensure that the powder coating meets our strict criteria. We evaluate the surface for consistency, thickness, and adhesion to ensure that the final outcome exceeds industry standards.

6. Shipping: Once our quality checks are passed on the powder-coated items, they are packaged with care to prevent any damage during transit. Additionally, we prioritize logistics to ensure the delivery of your products. This guarantees that they are ready for integration into your projects without any delays.

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Ready to transform your aluminum and metal products with our industrial powder coating services? Contact us today for a personalized quote. We look forward to partnering with you to achieve exceptional results.

Experience excellence with Morrison’s industrial powder coating services that go beyond expectations. We pledge precision, quality, and tailor-made solutions for your projects. Partner with us for a dedicated commitment to your success. Connect with us today to embark on your next project journey!

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