Industrial Heavy Duty Dollies

Our Industrial Dollies are custom-designed for versatility and durability to meet your specific needs and specs. Our products are manufactured using high-quality steel and then welded to make them stronger. The top-notch quality of our products makes us stand out from the crowd.

Types of Industrial Dollies

Tow Handle Dolly

Dollies with tow handles or eye hooks are also available in the market. You can hook tow handles on the back of any load to pull them easily during the transportation of materials.

Platform Dolly

Uses of a platform dolly include carrying your material from underneath because it has a solid surface. You can use this industrial dolly whenever you need to move small boxes, bags, heavy-duty parts, or any large and heavy items.

Open Frame Heavy Duty Dolly

You can use open frame dollies for the loads that can carry themselves, such as large or bulky items. These dollies are manufactured using four boards that are polished off not to leave any mark on the load. Open frame dollies have less weight as compared to platform dollies. These dollies are convenient and portable.

Heavy Duty Industrial Dolly
  • Utility Dollies: These come in many sizes, making them perfect for transporting boxes, crates, and other items in warehouses or large manufacturing plants
  • Appliance Dollies: Designed to move appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers, these dollies come with straps or clamps to secure the appliances in place.
  • Pallet Dollies: These dollies are commonly seen in warehouses and distribution centers. They are used for transportingused  pallets and are equipped with forks or slots that hold pallets firmly in place.
  • Low-Profile Dollies: Low-profile dollies are well suited for loading and unloading items from surfaces or tight spaces.
    These types of dollies have the flexibility to be transformed or modified into setups, such as a flatbed or upright position, to handle different kinds of cargo.
  • Towable Dollies: Specifically crafted for towing behind a vehicle, towable dollies are ideal for moving loads across distances or outdoor terrains.
  • Foldable Dollies: These convenient dollies can be folded or compacted for storage convenience when not in operation, optimizing space in warehouses or storage facilities.

Industrial Dollies Benefits 

  • Our Industrial dollies are created for loading and unloading, making it simple to save time and energy.
  • Most Dollies require no power, which means they are incredibly convenient and cost-effective.
  • Morrison dollies prioritize heavy-duty performance in handling loads with strength and lasting durability.
  • The swivel casters make maneuvering our dollies in spaces smooth and effortless.
  • They can be adjusted to accommodate load requirements, enhancing flexibility and efficiency.
  • Many of our Industrial dollies are user-enabling operations by a single individual to maximize productivity while cutting down on labor expenses.

Lots of dollies are available in the market. However, our steel manufactured dollies are guaranteed to improve your workflow with our quality built dollies. Contact a sales rep today!  CONTACT US

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More about our Dollies

Industrial Dollies are vital tools used in many industries. They help move large items in warehouses and improve logistics. Using these strong dollies can significantly boost efficiency and productivity.

Also, highlighting the ergonomic and safety benefits of dollies is crucial. These specially designed Dollies reduce the risk of injuries from lifting heavy loads, making the workplace safer and reducing accidents.

Moreover, exploring the different materials used to make Heavy Duty Dollies, like steel, aluminum, or plastic, shows their unique qualities. Choosing the right material for your needs is important for best performance.

Regular maintenance and careful inspection of industrial dollies, especially Heavy Duty Dollies, are necessary to keep them working well. Stressing the importance of this upkeep helps prevent unexpected breakdowns and extends the life of these important tools.

In short heavy-duty dollies are essential for improving material handling and overall efficiency. Sharing detailed information about their types, uses, and benefits helps people understand why investing in quality equipment like Heavy Duty Dollies is important.

It’s crucial to train employees on the correct use of Dollies to ensure safety and efficiency. Emphasize proper lifting techniques and weight distribution to prevent accidents.

Regularly inspect dollies for any signs of damage or wear and tear, and address issues promptly. Encourage open communication among team members to report any concerns or suggestions for improvement.

By prioritizing safety and proper usage of equipment, businesses can create a safer work environment and enhance productivity.

Industrial Dolly FAQ’S

How do I choose the right industrial dolly for my needs?

We are a custom shop. Whatever you need, we can design! Factors to Consider include load capacity, dolly size and design, wheel type (e.g., swivel, fixed, or locking), and the environment in which the dolly will be used (indoor vs. outdoor, smooth vs. rough surfaces).

What are the benefits of using industrial dollies in a warehouse or industrial setting?

Industrial dollies improve efficiency by allowing easy movement of heavy items without needing another forklift to move items, reducing the risk of injury to workers, and helping organize and save space in storage areas.

What safety measures should be taken when using industrial dollies?

Operators should receive proper training in dolly usage, ensure loads are securely positioned and within weight limits, use appropriate personal protective equipment, and follow guidelines for maneuvering around items and workers.

What type of casters would I need?

Industrial dollies can have different wheels or casters, such as rubber, polyurethane, or pneumatic, each offering varying load capacity levels, maneuverability, and suitability for various surfaces.

Can these dollies also be used outside or in filthy, rigid environments?

Yes, our industrial dollies are designed specifically for outdoor use or harsh environments. They feature weather-resistant materials and durable wheel constructions.

What maintenance is required for industrial dollies to ensure their longevity?

Regular inspections, cleaning, lubrication of moving parts, and replacement of worn components like wheels or bearings are essential for maintaining industrial dollies.

How do industrial dollies compare to material-handling equipment like pallet jacks or forklifts?

Industrial dollies are more compact and versatile for moving smaller loads or navigating tight spaces compared to pallet jacks or forklifts, which are better suited for heavier loads and higher lifting heights.

Can Morrisons industrial dollies be customized for specific applications?

Of course! Our industrial dollies can be customized with features like adjustable platforms, specialized wheel configurations, and additional safety enhancements to meet specific handling needs.