Industrial Portable Stack Racks

Why Stack Racks?

Increase the most of your space: Our Durable stack racks can benefit your warehouse or business by maximizing vertical storage space. This allows you to store more and expand your inventory without needing extra square footage.

Adaptable: Stack racks allow easy storage reconfiguration. If you need twenty stackable racks and grow within the next year, you can easily purchase the same product again and scale.

Fork Lift pockets: Our stackable racks are designed with forklift pockets on either side of the racks, making loading and unloading or just rearranging inventory easier. Whatever the customers need, we can make it happen. TIME IS MONEY; after all, by using a forklift, your team can spend less time physically moving items.

Easy access:  Need a specific item fast? Stack racks offer easy access to every corner of your warehouse, reducing picking times and improving overall productivity. Our stackable racks keep everything more organized more hassle-free

Stack racks built with experience and durability: Morrisons Stackable racks are hands down some of the most rigid racks out there. Our racks are designed from steel and can handle heavy loads based on customer requirements. When investing in our rack solutions, you invest in long-term storage solutions that will last.

Improve Warehouse Inventory: Using stacked shelves can enhance inventory control by making the most of space, arranging items effectively and improving accessibility. The vertical layout increases storage efficiency without needing additional warehouse space, leading to improved management and easier product retrieval. This arrangement simplifies processes, boosts productivity and fosters a more efficient warehouse atmosphere.

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Why Morrison for Stack Rack supplier?

At Morrison Industries, we’ve built 30+ years of experience into our stack rack production and demonstrate are ability to meet customer requirements being  ISO 9001 Certified; our Portable Stack Racks can be custom-designed to fit any need.  We build portable stack racks that are all you need for your ever-changing storage or handling tasks. If you need storage changes in your infrastructure, this is the perfect option for storing your automotive parts or other materials. The portable stack racks allow you to ship and move them through your facility with ease. Also, these changeable racks can handle all different sizes of materials.

At Morrison Industries, you can get highly durable stack racks with reliable quality steel material. Moreover, due to their portability, you can rely on them for compact storage spaces

Where to use Industrial Stack Racks?

Automotive Industry: Stack racks are essential for improving logistics and storage operations in the automotive sector. They are commonly employed to store different car parts like tires, bumpers, and engine components. Their stackable nature maximizes warehouse space utilization, making it easier to access parts for assembly or distribution. The forklift-friendly mobility of stack racks ensures seamless material handling, enhancing productivity and efficiency in automotive supply chain operations.

Manufacturing and assembly: Stackable racks store materials in progress, components, and finished products on the production floor. They make it convenient to move items between workstations or assembly lines and provide access during production.

Cold Storage: In cold storage facilities and the food industry, stack racks are highly beneficial. They enable storage and rotation of items, like frozen food, meat, seafood and dairy products. Stack racks designed with materials can withstand temperatures while preserving the quality of products.

E-commerce: Stackable racks in e-commerce fulfillment centers streamline storage, picking, and packing tasks, ensuring quick order processing and smooth shipping operations

Warehousing and Storage Services: Companies that focus on warehousing and storage services utilize stack racks to optimize storage space, enhance accessibility, and improve overall efficiency in their warehouses.

Construction and Building Materials: Stack racks are commonly used for storing construction materials like wood, pipes, tiles, and bricks, making it easier to access materials at job sites while minimizing clutter.

Logistics and Distribution: In logistics and distribution operations, stack racks play a vital role in facilitating the storage and transportation of goods in an efficient and organized manner, particularly for temporary storage or cross-docking tasks.

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More about our Warehouse Stack Racks

Easy to move and ship: The portable stack racks help companies move their materials safely to any other space while saving room. The portability or transport of goods in the warehouse is a challenging task. But these racks make it easy and practical to transport materials from one place to another. 

Reliable material: These racks are made of steel material that provides longevity. Steel is one of the durable materials that is corrosion and rust-resistant. Furthermore, steel ensures the stack racks’ durability even if you use them for heavy-duty usage. 

Portable and Collapsible: As the name of the portable stack racks shows, they are portable and help you transport goods. Just Load materials and in the racks and move them from one place to another. Furthermore, you can set collapsible stack racks according to your material storage dimensions and adjust them according to your warehouse’s available space. 

Mechanically supportive: The portable stack racks have unmatched mechanical support to ensure their durability. They have a robust structure that is easy to handle and transport items from one place to another inside or outside the warehouse. Moreover, the mechanical support ensures that the product inside is safe and trusted for a longer time.

Environmental friendly: It has all the environmentally friendly materials you can use in the industrial stage without fearing toxic emissions. It ensures environmentally friendly storage and construction.


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Stack Rack FAQs

What are stack racks?

Stack racks are storage racks designed for vertical stacking, allowing for efficient use of warehouse space.

How do stack racks improve warehouse efficiency

Stack racks optimize space utilization, streamline inventory management, and facilitate quick access to stored items, thus improving overall warehouse efficiency

Can stack racks be customized?

Yes, stack racks can often be customized with features like dividers, shelves, or removable panels to suit specific storage needs.

Are stack racks suitable for outdoor use?

Stack racks made from materials like steel with corrosion-resistant coatings are suitable for outdoor use in various environmental conditions.

What weight capacities do stack racks support?

Stack racks come in various weight capacities, from light-duty to heavy-duty, depending on the specific rack design and materials.

Are stack racks collapsible?

Some stack racks are collapsible, making them easy to store when not in use and saving space in warehouses. We base this on customer’s needs.

What considerations should be made when choosing stack racks?

Considerations such as weight capacity, size, material durability, mobility options, customization features, and environmental suitability should be taken into account when choosing stack racks for a warehouse or facility.